Welcome to Yashmun Engineers

Yashmun Engineers Ltd (YEL) has dedicated 20 years to understanding and meeting business needs.

Today's YEL is an integrated team of seasoned professionals and industry leading products and services that expertly delivers the enterprise solutions that drive modern business.

YEL are pioneers in the use of partial discharges to detect problems with the stator insulation of generators and large motors. Studies indicate 40% of motor failures result from the aging of stator winding insulation. YEL offers sensors, instrumentation and software for online partial discharge testing.

With products which collect data continuously and achieves the results important for trending and comparison of similar machines and which detect broken rotor bars in induction motors and problems in driven components, YEL provides several systems for implementing a predictive maintenance program.

YEL has assembled a group of unmatched machine experts with a broad range of expertise in an international arena to assist with any electrical rotating machine issues, such as failure investigations, specification preparation and winding condition assessments.